Customized Fabrication and Gold Coating of a Reindeer

DC Metal & Glass was commissioned to create a customized reindeer sculpture for a client, which involved the fabrication of a unique design and a special gold coating application. The project required the team to showcase their expertise in metal fabrication, as well as their attention to detail in achieving a flawless gold finish. The result was a stunning and eye-catching sculpture that exceeded the client’s expectations and demonstrated DC Metal & Glass’s commitment to delivering exceptional custom metal and glass products.

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Our fabrication process began with careful planning and design, followed by the fabrication of the metal frame. Once the sculpture was complete, it was carefully coated with a layer of gold to give it a luxurious finish. Our team worked diligently to ensure that every aspect of the project met our client’s expectations, and we are proud to say that the end result was a true masterpiece.

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